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PPG announced the completion of the coating project for super long pipelines in South Africa. PPG protection and marine coating company recently announced the successful completion of the African water pipeline coating project - providing inner wall and external coating products for a 46 km long (2.1 m in pipe diameter for recycling) water transmission pipeline

what PPG company provides for this project are sigmaline523 (inner wall coating) and sigmaline855 (external anti-corrosion coating). The relevant person in charge said that these two coatings will improve the high-performance corrosion prevention and pollutant protection for the transmission pipeline

South Africa's demand for infrastructure resources has continued to grow in recent years. PPG has more than 60 years of chemical technology and has been increasing its strategic investment in Africa for a long time. "This project requires PPG to provide corrosion and bacterial protection measures with international standards, and our customers have very demanding requirements." Mariusrademeyer, market manager of PPG protective and marine coatings, said

sigmaline855, as an external anti-corrosion coating for transmission pipelines, provides excellent corrosion resistance, water resistance and perfect appearance color. In the process of pipeline loading, unloading, transportation and installation, sigmaline855 can play the role of wear resistance and impact resistance, so as to reduce the friction damage of pipeline materials. Global coatings learned that sigmaline523, as the inner wall coating of transmission pipeline, its product quality meets the bs69202 drinking water standard, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria and cure rapidly. This coating provides excellent performance protection in pipeline installation, welding and pipeline rotation

"PPG tried its best to adopt ISO and their respective national standards in terms of infrastructure but material testing methods. He added that the construction capacity has been well-known for a long time," rademeyer said. "Our rich technical resources and extensive global cooperation are the important foundation for us to serve various projects in Africa."

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