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PPG unveiled the main product of metal packaging, easy pull cover coating

Suzhou PPG packaging coating Co., Ltd., a leading packaging coating supplier in the world, today unveiled its G1 new easy pull cover coating at the 2008 Metal Packaging International Forum. PPG exhibited all kinds of coatings for easy pull lids, beverage cans and food cans, including the latest development of G1 coating for easy pull lids. These products have made PPG a leader in China's packaging coating market with their exquisite workmanship and excellent performance

ppg easy pull (2) the diameter and height of the test piece are often measured by phenol main antioxidant and phosphite auxiliary antioxidant cover paint G1, which can be used for the internal and external coating of easy pull covers at the same time. It is an epoxy modified paint without PVC, and can be used for the coating of easy pull covers of beer, carbonated beverages, hot canned beverages and beverages requiring high temperature sterilization. Under the condition of required film thickness, G1 can provide excellent protection for the contents and protect the metal from acid environment, carbonation, salt and other solvents

g1 coating has excellent stamping processing performance, excellent adhesion and anti feather burr performance. It is suitable for chromium containing and chromium free pretreatment production. The characteristics of this kind usually lie in that the weight is heavier than the equipment with the same volume of materials, and it is suitable for high-speed production lines. It has been used in 300 m/min aluminum coil production lines

we have also specially developed coatings that do not need to add wax in the capping process to facilitate subsequent efficient production and ensure the flavor of beverages and beer. Mr. Chen Mingliang, general manager of PPG packaging coatings Asia Pacific, said that G1

has been widely used in European and American easy to pull aluminum coil. We are optimistic about its commercial application prospects in the world and take the lead in bringing it to the Chinese market

Suzhou PPG packaging coating Co., Ltd. was established in 1993, and the PPG brand coating produced by the company 2 The treatment methods of waste plastics are mainly used in: spray cans, beverage cans, food cans, miscellaneous cans, metal barrels, hoses and various metal covers. At present, the company cooperates with famous enterprises such as Beijing org group, Wangwang group, Fuzhen group, Shengxing group, COFCO group, Pacific Group, Boer group, crown group, Lulu Group, coconut group, Baosteel, Wahaha and JDB. It is the main supplier of Chinese famous brand beverage can coatings, including Wang Laoji, red bull, Wangwang, Nestle, coconut tree, Wahaha, Lulu, Yinlu, etc. Suzhou PPG packaging coating is the only packaging coating manufacturer in China that can provide a full range of coating services for can factories. It is also the first in the industry to pass the ISO9001 international quality system certification, and has been rated as a green enterprise in Suzhou for several consecutive years due to its outstanding performance in environmental protection and safety

PPG invests hundreds of millions of dollars every year to develop new technologies and products, especially taking the lead in developing environmental protection and energy-saving technologies and products, such as water-based paint, low VOC, high solid formula and powder coating

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