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[PP weekly review] the situation is mild, and the differences increase

first, this week's market (June 18 to June 22):

this week, the plastic warehouse receipt market surged, but the increase was limited, and the buyer's driving force seemed to be insufficient. From the disk situation, the differences between the buyer and the seller increased significantly. As of Friday, the China Plastics warehouse receipt index was reported at 1354.18 points, up 10.01 points from the end of last week. This week, PP warehouse receipts followed the trend of the market and rose in a narrow range

on Monday, the opening price of PP warehouse receipts rose slightly, the price rose slowly until the end of the market, and the whole end of the market closed up. The PP warehouse receipts index rose 6.95 points. The trading volume of warehouse receipts in recent months turned cold, the trading volume of warehouse receipts in far months was active, and the total trading volume of PP was significantly reduced. PP warehouse orders rose slightly at the opening on Tuesday, and the intraday price fluctuated and fell until the end of the day. The index rose 1.54 points in the late day. The trading of pp0709 was particularly active, and the transaction increment was more than 2000 batches, driving the total trading volume of PP to increase significantly. On Wednesday, the opening price of PP warehouse orders was nearly up and far down, and the price fell sharply in the early stage. After that, the horizontal market was sorted out in a narrow range, and the whole market closed down in the late trading, with the index falling by 2.56 points. The trading volume decreased significantly, and the order volume increased slightly. PP warehouse orders fell across the board on Thursday, and then the price fluctuated upward. Most varieties stopped falling and rose. At the end of the day, they closed slightly, resulting in high dynamic stress. The index rose 2.22 points, with a significant increase in transactions and a small increase in order volume. At the weekend, PP warehouse receipts fell and rose nearly at the opening, and the price fell briefly in the early stage and then gradually rebounded. The rise slowed down in the middle and late stages, and the overall closing rose in the late afternoon. The index rose 2.52 points, the trading volume decreased slightly, and the order volume increased significantly. As of Friday's close, the PP warehouse receipt index closed at 1363.77, up 10.68 points over the weekend. The trading atmosphere was active this week. The average daily trading volume was 18461 tons, 642 tons less than last week when considering social trends. The order volume this weekend was 11724 batches, an increase of 1047 batches compared with last weekend, and the order volume increased significantly

the transaction details of a week are as follows:

warehouse receipt variety

settlement price (yuan/ton)

PP warehouse receipt average transaction this Sunday (ton)

PP warehouse receipt order quantity (batch)

this weekend

last weekend

rise and fall

this week

last week

increase and decrease

this weekend

last weekend

increase and decrease




14 ↑



642 ↓



1047 ↑




47 ↓




125 ↑




141 ↑

II. Comprehensive analysis:

this week, the weekly K-line chart of PP index closed at the short positive line, and the entity rose slightly, which was significantly supported by the 5-day moving average. On the K-line chart of the index day, three yang and two Yin were closed. On Monday, the buyer had strong momentum to push up, closing the short male line with bare head and bare feet; On Tuesday, the price continued to rise, but the buyer's power to push up was insufficient, resulting in a negative line entity; After the high opening on Wednesday, the price continued to be suppressed and closed at the long negative line; On Thursday, the opening price fell below the 5-day average and gradually rebounded; On Friday, the short Yang entity stood on the 5-day moving average again, but the entity was narrow and the buyer's strength seemed to be insufficient. On the whole, this week, the trading atmosphere was ok, the transaction volume was slightly reduced compared with last week, and the order volume was significantly reviewed. First, the molten plastic was injected into the mold cavity, and the differences between the buyer and the seller increased. This week, the opening of the brin line is relatively narrow, and the price line is basically between the upper limit and the medium gauge, breaking the upper limit on Tuesday and Wednesday; KDJ index fell back from overbought area and showed a dead cross on Thursday

in terms of news, crude oil prices rose first and then fell this week. Oil prices rose on Monday, boosted by the Nigerian attack and strike. From Tuesday to Thursday, oil prices gradually fell due to the sharp increase in U.S. inventories and the progress made in Nigeria. By the close of this Friday, WTI and Brent closed at US $69.14 and US $71.18/barrel. In terms of PP spot, the ex factory price of domestic petrochemical increased significantly, with an increase of yuan/ton. The market conditions in various regions are basically in a consolidation situation. The prices in some regions have increased. There are not many sources of goods in the market. Some sources of goods are popular. The traders' mentality is good. The shipping intention is weakened, and they have no intention to reduce the quotation. However, the demand intention of downstream factories has not been significantly enhanced. The overall use of cement slurry to fill all the gaps under the machine base is not ideal

on the whole, the possibility of continued adjustment of PP still exists, but it does not rule out the possibility of fundamentals matching the rise

(personal view, for reference only; based on this, enter the market at your own risk)

source of information: China plastics trading

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