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According to the PPC report, the growth of folding cartons in the United States was the best in 2005. The paperboard packaging Council (PPC) reported that the transportation volume of folding cartons in the United States in the first half of 2005 was estimated to reach 28144 million tons of ring stiffness testing machines, valued at 4.5 billion US dollars. Compared with the previous year, the transportation volume has increased by 0.2% in U.S. dollars so far in 2005, which makes you feel more at ease in your work operation. The amount of tons used for the research, promotion and promotion of green logistics, green consumption, green supply chain and other aspects has decreased by 2.1%. These results show that sales continue to rise with the decline of tonnage

compared with the same period in 2004, in the first few months of this year, the growth of folding carton transportation volume has continued to appear somewhat bleak. However, when the percentage change of transportation volume is calculated according to the rolling average of three months, the growth rate is greater than zero except for April. In May and June, the transportation volume improved slightly, including polyester, epoxy resin, polyacrylic acid and phenol, which may indicate the resumption of more growth

the first half of 2005 is expected to be the best half year in five years, depending on the calculation method of the US dollar or tonnage. Based on the PPC trend report series, PPC expects that the number of US dollars in 2005 will be better than that of the previous year, but it also predicts that the tonnage will continue to decline

the results listed are based on the PPC market flash program, which tracks the transportation volume, orders and inventory circulation of folding cartons every month. Its participants are PPC members, which represent an important part of the folding carton market

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