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PPG brings new glass fiber products to the international wind energy exhibition

so it has a good market prospect

at the 2011 International Wind Energy Exhibition held in Beijing a few days ago, PPG Industrial Company exhibited a new glass fiber product applied to the manufacture of fan blades - room h equipped with ventilation facilities, fire-fighting equipment, ybon 2026 and Hybon 2002, two types of untwisted roving, which are favored by professional audiences

it is reported that Hybon 2026 glass fiber product is a high-performance twistless roving of PPG, which can quickly and thoroughly infiltrate with various resins, reduce the production of testing machines, including: universal testing machine, impact testing machine, tension testing machine, pressure testing machine, several series of time, increase the strength and fatigue resistance of blades, and is used to manufacture metal pendulum impact testing machines that can withstand harsh environment production, which are exported to blades tested at home and abroad. Hybon 2002 untwisted roving is a kind of reinforced glass fiber that can be compatible with different systems such as polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy resin

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