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The environmental protection characteristics of PP synthetic paper are obviously expected to replace ordinary plastics

environmental protection has always been the theme of our common appeal, and the use of plastics makes people feel helpless, which not only needs to be used, but also easy to cause harm to the environment. However, scientists have also made research on this phenomenon

plastics are widely used in industrial and daily necessities, but due to their non degradable characteristics, their damage to the environment is also huge. Recently, scientists have synthesized a material that can effectively replace plastic, and the main component of this material is the paper that we usually use to heat treat the twisted and easily worn parts of 4.2 steel parts every day

this plastic replaceable paper is also called PP synthetic paper, which is mainly made of polypropylene resin and recycled paper. Polypropylene can be extracted from waste plastics, and recycled paper can also be recycled, which is far less harmful to the environment than traditional plastics. Whether PP synthetic paper can maintain integrity and good plasticity, and it is easy to be injection molded, it can be said to be an ideal substitute for plastic

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