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Both online and offline, domestic semi-finished dishes are rising all the way

release date: Source: Yangcheng Evening News

economic development has brought changes to people's pace of life. Consumers want to eat healthy and delicious dishes, but due to busy work, cooking a potluck at home has gradually become a luxury. The emergence of semi-finished dishes has provided convenience for young people who are too busy to buy vegetables or are not good at cooking

semi finished vegetables are on fire this Spring Festival. According to big data, the search volume of "New Year's Eve meal" has more than doubled since the Lunar New Year's Day holiday on January 20, and the turnover of semi-finished dishes has increased by 160% year-on-year. Nowadays, with the development of refrigeration technology and the reduction of cold chain transportation costs, if the oil pipe is broken, the semi-finished vegetable industry is developing rapidly and is loved by young consumers

the purchase data of semi-finished vegetables increased significantly during the Spring Festival

semi finished vegetables, also known as prefabricated vegetables, developed from clean vegetables. As the "advanced version" of quick-frozen food, prefabricated dishes have actually become popular in Japan in the 1980s and are deeply loved by housewives. After standardized raw material processing in the central kitchen, it is frozen or vacuum packaged for preservation. After consumers buy it, they only need to heat it or simply cook it through the combination of packages in the prefabricated vegetable packaging. Hard dishes such as boiled beef, Babao duck and Buddha jumping wall, which can be eaten in restaurants at ordinary times, can be made in more than ten minutes. In the early stage of development, because the freezing technology is not mature and the high cost of cold chain transportation, there is no large-scale development

nowadays, there are many kinds of semi-finished vegetables, including pork, beef, water, poultry, vegetable products, hot pot and soup, etc. The taste caters to the public and the price is very affordable

according to the data, from the 28th day of the lunar calendar to the new year's Eve, the take out of semi-finished products of the new year's Eve meal increased by four times year-on-year, and the take out gift box of the new year's Eve meal increased by two times year-on-year. This year, due to the epidemic, many young people working in other places chose to stay in the local area for the Spring Festival in response to the government's call to "celebrate the new year locally", and the market potential of semi-finished vegetables was further stimulated

The development and improvement of cold chain logistics has provided conditions for the popularity of semi-finished vegetables. It is no longer just an idea to deliver to further regions and extend the shelf life for a longer time. Consumers only need to place an order at home and wait for the semi-finished dishes to be delivered to the door

semi finished dishes not only meet the needs of people who can't go home but also want to have a good new year's Eve dinner, but also become a diversified choice of people's daily three meals because of their convenience, quickness and delicious characteristics

the rise of semi-finished vegetables is not accidental

for catering enterprises, with the aging population, higher labor costs, higher housing rents, fierce market competition, higher costs of ingredients and energy consumption, there is also an urgent need for the market to provide semi-finished vegetables that can alleviate cost pressure and improve efficiency

in September 2014, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and its directly subordinate China Institute of standardization cooperated with leading enterprises of agricultural products in Hunan Province to set up the country's first "research base for standardization of Chinese banquet prefabricated dishes" in Changsha, Hunan Province. This indicates that China is expected to introduce national production safety standards in the field of prefabricated vegetable production and processing, and quickly connect domestic and overseas markets with national and even global food safety standards, which plays an important role in guiding and protecting the development and improvement of the overall economic aggregate of China's Prefabricated vegetable industry

at present, finished staple food and physicochemical ingredients have become the trend of the current food industry and fresh food sales industry. Yangcheng Evening News learned that there are nearly 70000 enterprises related to semi-finished vegetables in the country, and the total number of enterprises whose names or business scope include "quick-frozen, prefabricated vegetables, prefabricated food, semi-finished food, ready to eat" is 61156. According to tianyancha big data, enterprises related to "semi-finished vegetables" have risen rapidly in the past two years. So far, there are more than 69000 related enterprises in China

Yangcheng Evening News learned from an interview that semi-finished vegetables are sold in supermarkets and convenience stores in many large shopping centers in Guangzhou. Semi finished products in supermarkets are mainly distributed in fresh food. For example, seafood, mutton casserole, pork feet ginger, combination pickled fish, etc., the price is. The production method is also very simple. Some products are directly fried or fried in oil for minutes, while some products only need to be thawed and heated with water for a few minutes to eat

in addition, the semi-finished dishes provided by convenience stores are classified as fast food, and the price is about. As long as they are heated in a microwave oven, they can be eaten. An employee of a chain convenience store told: "this kind of fast food Bento has been sold for many years and is deeply loved by young consumers."

in contrast, some restaurants, such as Guangzhou Restaurant, are also about to launch the "Chef's arrival" series of semi-finished dishes featuring Cantonese cuisine, including four dishes, including traditional sweet and sour pork, sweet and sour fried bone, Thai curry beef brisket and Thai curry chicken. At present, they are available in Guangzhou Restaurant applet, meituan takeout app and major stores of Guangzhou Restaurant, with prices ranging from

in fact, economic development, changes in consumption habits, developed cold chain logistics, agricultural industry yizhimi field molded ABS and TPV, and the industrialization of structural parts of automobile center console will promote the rapid development of China's semi-finished vegetable industry. According to the data of China chain operation association, more than 74% of chain catering enterprises in China have built their own central kitchens, and more than half of them are developing standardized finished and semi-finished dishes

according to the market demand, online and offline qifari

in December 2020, "weizhixiang", as the leader of semi-finished vegetables, applied for IPO and planned to be listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange. "Weizhixiang" was founded in 2008, mainly engaged in the research and development, survival and sales of semi-finished dishes. It has a product system with "weizhixiang" and "Fanyu" as the core brands. Its tmall flagship store was officially launched before the year, focusing on semi-finished dishes, new year's Eve dinner gift package products

after the trial of the Spring Festival consumption boom, Wei Zhixiang continued to launch the "March 8th" semi-finished gift box, aiming at the dinner scenes of parents, children, girlfriends and mothers. Through the continuous exploration of e-commerce channels, weizhixiang and other semi-finished food enterprises continue to look for the next blue ocean in the semi-finished food industry. In addition, the semi-finished food material supply platform "three meals with materials" under the new retail brand "hemiaoyoupin" independently incubated by frozen products group has also obtained two rounds of financing in recent three months, trying to build itself into a head brand of semi-finished products for Chinese families

in the retail field, large catering enterprises and takeout platforms have the advantage of taking the first place. Hot pot giant Haidilao has launched a series of convenient dishes, including more than 10 semi-finished products, such as braised beef with tomatoes and potatoes, spicy chicken dice and so on. Meituan's "delicious home" service to buy goods sold by restaurants was put into trial operation nationwide in February

in addition, community e-commerce and fresh food e-commerce are also new forces to promote the retail of semi-finished vegetables. In the field of group meals, Shenzhen Debao Catering Management Co., Ltd. said that its nine semi-finished food products have entered offline supermarkets in Shenzhen such as HEMA, Tianhong Jiajia, JunShang supermarket during the Spring Festival this year. Diversified and convenient sales channels make it easier for consumers to shop, and the consumption experience of semi-finished vegetables is more perfect

according to the Research Report of Guohai Securities, the current stock of semi-finished vegetable market in China is about 300billion, accounting for less than 10% of the total food materials, and the market scale is expected to reach trillion in the future. There are more than 20000 semi-finished vegetable enterprises in the upstream, but a dominant brand has not yet been born. The domestic semi-finished food industry as a whole is still dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, with low market concentration, obvious regional characteristics, and a small number of large-scale nationwide enterprises

for the market prospect of the semi-finished food industry, Professor Mei Linhai from the school of economics of Jinan University said: "The emergence of semi-finished vegetables is aimed at the actual needs of the current market. With the economic development, the social income level has increased significantly, and service products such as semi-finished vegetables are acceptable to ordinary consumers. On the other hand, the survival mode of the semi-finished vegetables industry is gradually scaled up, the production efficiency is improved, and the price is therefore reduced. In the future, the semi-finished vegetables industry will increasingly cater to consumers and provide more convenience with the development of the market Profitable products attract consumption and make semi-finished dishes our daily habits. "

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