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With the rapid development of Internet, more and more people come into contact with Internet. Due to a series of advantages, many enterprises have also entered the Internet field, and Internet investment promotion agents are favored by more and more enterprises and agents, It has gradually become the mainstream mode of investment promotion agency

the paint network investment promotion especially prefers the ordinary network platform that can complete three control modes of load, displacement and strain, which is estimated to be inseparable from the relative stability of the investment promotion agency in the paint industry. Since the major coating portals launched the coating Investment Promotion Agency column, it has been favored by coating material enterprises and agents. A considerable number of coating enterprises and merchants have bought coatings. The focus of investment promotion agency has shifted to the network, and the network platform is extremely lively. Take Jiuzheng paint as an example. Since the first paint Investment Fair, Jiuzheng paint has been more popular than one session. Data shows that there are hundreds of enterprises and more agents participating in each session. Other large portal stations are also very popular

the emergence of this trend is inseparable from the characteristics and advantages of the network platform itself. Some people summarize the advantages of network investment promotion agency into four points: first, low investment cost and high efficiency. Second, it is fast and efficient. Through email, information consultation and exchange can be completed in a few minutes. Third, the communication is simple and convenient, with strong interaction. Through contact, information exchange between two or more parties can be carried out, and international long-distance calls, clear code faxes, conferences, trade and project negotiations of foreign merchants can be carried out on. At present, this method has been widely used by all regions to attract investment

online investment promotion has become the mainstream mode of the industry

in detail, online investment promotion has its unique advantages over other investment promotion modes:

1. Low cost: as an emerging media, the charge of online media is far lower than that of traditional media, and it can be recruited for a month or a year at a time on other media. After the release of investment promotion agency information, it can be changed in time according to needs, which makes the changes in business decisions can be implemented and promoted in a timely manner

2. Better effect: there are many enterprises and businesses involved, and undoubtedly the success rate is higher. Some data show that the success rate of the online platform is higher than that of the traditional platform. Material characteristics: more than 15%

3. Strong timeliness: network is an all-weather service, no matter you are day or night, and no matter where you are. You can easily and conveniently enjoy the services brought to you by the network

4. Strong interaction: when agents are interested in the brand of the enterprise, they can enter the display page of the brand to learn more about it. And enterprises can also get the feedback information of quasi agents at any time

5. Wide coverage: the coverage of network information is extremely wide, not limited by time and space. No matter where you are, you can easily get information on as long as you can, which is simple and convenient

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