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Network marketing drives the development of traditional industries

people are increasingly using the Internet in daily life. A lot of information can be found on the network, such as renting houses, housekeeping, food, discounts, etc. The huge amount of information on the Internet can help people with various needs in life. Many people are also used to seeking help on the Internet to solve various problems in life. With the rapid development of network, some traditional industries also began to seek the combination with network, and bring them more convenience and benefits through the intuitive, fast and simple characteristics of network

network sales - sustainable sales Road

"although I have been engaged in tourism for only two years, I feel a lot. Maybe because of my age, maybe because it's strange to see so few people. I think the future tourism will be transparent, electronic and high-quality services!" Liaofangping of Hangzhou Guodu travel agency said that after his own practice and exploration, he realized that networking can better drive the development of tourism. In 2008, Liao Fangping opened a store on Yahoo word of mouth. Tourists from all over the world can learn about the relevant information, tourist routes and fees of major tourist attractions in Hangzhou before going out, so as to choose a more suitable travel arrangement

"occasionally, I had nothing to do to answer some travel questions last time, but I found that many people were asking about travel routes. What if I could make these customers?" An accidental self-question made Liao Fangping find a new way of sales. There are many Internet stations, and sending more learning cloth travel messages at major stations is far better than the traditional sales model. In just one year, Ford Motor Company of the United States also cooperated with the University. Guodu travel agency has seen nearly 30000 views of relevant information in the global Li ion battery cathode material market in Yahoo word-of-mouth stores. It is reported that the daily consultation of Guodu travel agency is more than 40% higher than that before it opened. While the business is booming, it also saves the fatigue of carrying a briefcase and visiting customers everywhere

at present, more than half of the customers of Hangzhou Guodu travel agency come from the Internet, and through the word-of-mouth of old customers, the scale of Hangzhou Guodu travel agency is also growing

popular life service of "soliciting customers"

on Yahoo word of mouth, 20million traditional merchants have settled in, such as Guodu travel agency, which has become a life service provider, displaying characteristic services and prices through the network platform, and forming effective interaction with friends. "Our customers are mainly young people, who prefer to use the Internet to find businesses. Interconnection is an inevitable process for life service businesses." Manager Wang of a branch of Xiaofeiyang told that as early as last October, he began to settle in Yahoo word of mouth. He not only used the network platform to interact with customers, but also launched monthly promotional activities for urban white-collar workers. In his eyes, the Internet can make the discount and price information spread faster and farther, and can more attract customers that the store cannot attract from above

from the active businesses on Yahoo word of mouth, we can see that the current trend of "soliciting customers" has spread across all areas of life services, including housekeeping, catering, real estate agents, hairdressing... And the benefits brought by the Internet are also stimulating the continuous improvement of the activity of these businesses. At present, hundreds of thousands of business points that have been opened on Yahoo word of mouth can release hundreds of thousands of relevant information every day, This information is the "magic weapon" for businesses to attract customers

"these are the positive changes that traditional businesses take the initiative to carry out online marketing, from stores to online merchants." Wang Tong, director of public and customer communication department of Yahoo word-of-mouth, said that the effectiveness of Yahoo word-of-mouth life service platform has been brought into play. From "business" to "business", from simple network display to the current initiative, traditional life service businesses are very willing to survive

according to expert analysis, the realization of these goals of Yahoo word-of-mouth and other students is not without pressure. The emergence of a large service platform enlarges the business radius of every life service provider and changes their marketing methods, bringing them more room for development. The success of Jianhua Fayi is precisely the reason why "attracting customers" is popular among life service merchants across the country

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