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The hot words closely related to the home building materials industry in 2016 are coming to an end. This year is the beginning of the decisive stage of China's building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, and it is also a crucial year to promote the reform of structural price decline. In this year, China's home building materials industry experienced changes under the influence of the global financial market and relevant national policies. With the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry, some hot words have more or less affected the overall home building materials industry. Bayer materials technology has 30 production bases and about 14300 employees around the world

1. Electronic universal experimental machine: this experimental machine is a kind of

hot word with relatively large consumption. First, macroeconomic "slowing down and stabilizing"

in one sentence to describe this year's macroeconomic, the most appropriate one is undoubtedly "slowing down and stabilizing". China's GDP growth rate remained at 6.7% in the first three quarters, and the PMI index in November rose to the highest point in two years, showing a trend of "stabilization and improvement" in China

macroeconomic figures seem to be far away from the home building materials industry, but in fact, the impact is everywhere. Benefiting from the stabilization of the economy, the cumulative sales of building materials and home furnishing stores above Designated Size nationwide in June was 1087.39 billion yuan, an increase of 9.16% year-on-year

hot word 2: tax reduction and fee reduction "combined fist"

since the beginning of this year, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other places have successively reduced social security rates, and it is expected to reduce the burden of enterprises by more than 100 billion yuan nationwide. The variety style is strange. Since May this year, four industries, including real estate and finance, have been included in the pilot program of "replacing business tax with value-added tax", making the tax reduction for this year more than 470billion yuan

the "combined fist" effect of tax reduction and fee reduction is gradually appearing in the financial statements of home building materials enterprises. In the first 10 months of this year, the profits of China's industrial enterprises increased by 8.6% year-on-year, a new high since August 2014. The so-called "big rivers have water and small rivers are full", only when enterprise profits improve, can employees' pockets bulge and consumption flourish, forming a positive cycle of economic operation

hot word 3: structural adjustment "iron fist to reduce production capacity"

by the end of October this year, the steel industry has completed the goal of reducing production capacity by 45 million tons in advance, and the annual goal of coal of 250 million tons is also expected to be completed in advance. As the central task of supply side structural reform, this year's capacity reduction work is drastic

de capacity is related to the progress of economic restructuring and the livelihood of millions of families. On the one hand, the government has introduced a flexible "supporting policy" to solve the problem of employee resettlement through internal resettlement, job transfer and other measures. On the other hand, the growth of the new economy, including the sharing economy, provides a way out for employees' transformation, and also provides a cushion for reducing production capacity. Only when all social parties act together can the pain of capacity reduction be reduced

hot word 4: further upgrading of property market regulation

increasing the proportion of down payment and banning the purchase of a third house... Following the launch of a new round of property market regulation in more than 20 hot cities at the end of September, many places have recently launched the "upgraded version" of the new property market policy

"study and establish a long-term mechanism for the steady and healthy development of real estate that conforms to national conditions and adapts to market rules". The recent meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee sent a clear signal. While curbing the asset foam, China will make comprehensive efforts in many aspects to guide the stability expectation of the real estate market in the future

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