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Network marketing innovation strategy

innovation subverts the traditional marketing mode, and innovation makes the annual successful enterprise. Networking, entertainment, mobile, campus, boredom... Once marginal communication media have become the mainstream affecting high-end people; Union, color, dark market, sports, loyalty... Once auxiliary means of communication have become a heavy blow in the marketing mix. Fortunately, these innovative marketing strategies, "successful marketing" magazine gave key reports with a unique forward-looking and international perspective before their other strength accumulated in the beam broke out. Today, we will pay more attention to these innovation coordinates and milestones in China's marketing industry in 2005, hoping that they can become a winning link in the enterprise marketing system engineering. 1. Annual innovation case of network achievement perfect interaction: Tencent multi-point placement of innovative panoramic network marketing 2 Entertainment ignites the fashion frenzy annual innovation case: Six "C" to create the perfect battle of "Mengniu Supergirl" 3 Annual innovation case of mobile creating intimate marketing space: Nokia myth's precise and interactive sales force 4 Brand alliance seeks common DNA annual innovation case: M-Zone NBA shares fresh fashion 5 The future annual innovation case of the campus winner: Pepsi Cola enables college students to make breakthroughs, especially when unloading. 6 Annual innovation case of dark market marketing breaking through the "dark zone" of the market: johnniewalker dark market marketing, breaking through the ice 7 Color makes the brand add value in all directions. Annual innovation case: Galanz's "Color Revolution" 8 Annual innovation case of sports breakthrough in the digital era: Samsung's unique sports marketing 9 Loyalty plan Nuggets "28 law" annual innovation case: China Merchants Bank credit card, 10 points for dream The annual innovation case of "eyeball loyalty" from boredom: focus media fully occupies the boredom space ① network makes perfect interaction. Traditional enterprises still use less network marketing. Under the mature market environment, Whoever enters first will have the most opportunities, the greatest benefits, and the opportunity cost is relatively low. The risk and cost of using network marketing is not high, at least not higher than that of using traditional marketing methods. Most enterprises still have a deviation in their subjective consciousness of using Internet to carry out marketing, and lack a deep understanding and determination to try, which is the first bottleneck restricting them to carry out Internet marketing. Annual innovation case: Tencent multi-point placement innovative panoramic network marketing users who often use instant messaging software in the past two months will find that an activity of "Renhe shiny new anchor" has frequently appeared in front of them in various ways: even pet food stores are selling shiny eye drops, and the patterns in the touch games that many people often play have also been replaced with the trademarks of "Renhe" and "shiny". Since September this year, Renhe Pharmaceutical Group, a new force in the domestic pharmaceutical industry, has launched a large-scale embedded network marketing with the help of Tencent, the largest instant messaging provider in China. As a large pharmaceutical enterprise group, using such a fashionable, in-depth and avant-garde way to carry out such a large-scale network marketing is rare in the short history of network marketing in China, which once again shows that the breadth and depth of network marketing are leaping forward at a speed beyond the conventional speed. Due to the characteristics of network marketing and the interactive advantages of network marketing, in the early stage of the development of network marketing, it is often some it and electronic products that can interact and conduct in-depth marketing with the help of network. The marketing of some traditional enterprises and products on the network is mainly to do some banner or plug-in brand advertisements. However, now this mode of thinking and marketing mode is being broken. Li Feng, director of brand management department of Renhe Pharmaceutical Group, revealed in an interview with "successful marketing" that although the cooperation between the pharmaceutical industry and the multi-purpose media of tension machine 1 required by Heluo flexible packaging was rare in the past, Mr. Yang Wenlong, chairman of Renhe group, is an entrepreneur with strong innovation ability, and can always keep up with the new pace of the times and practice the latest marketing model. Renhe finally chose Tencent, not only because of its 180million active user groups, which are mainly young people, but also because Tencent has some fashionable products and functions, which are in great agreement with Renhe pharmaceutical's "shining eye drops" consumer groups in terms of characteristics. Renhe pharmaceutical basically has the same loan interest rate as the bank in the same period. Choosing Tencent as the network marketing platform, it has also made a breakthrough in its traditional marketing ideas. Renhe does not want to highlight its product functions through the network platform, but to extend and spread the brand connotation. At present, the cooperation between Renhe pharmaceutical and Tencent has been carried out for more than two months. According to Mr. Liu Chaoyang, vice president of Tencent, in these two months, more than 6 million users joined the "shiny new anchor" group, more than 8000 messages about the "shiny new anchor" activity every day, more than 300000 users downloaded the "shiny new anchor" special edition, and more than 200000 users bought "shiny eye drops" in pet stores, The number of users participating in the Renhe zone of the matchmaking game has also reached more than 800000. It is understood that in these two months, "Renhe" and "shiny" brands have significantly improved their brand recognition and reputation through Tencent. Renhe believes that the cooperation between Renhe and Tencent is a deep strategic cooperation, rather than a simple online advertising. Both sides at the same time took out their own enterprise resources to achieve a win-win situation, not just advertising resources. For example, Renhe's product packaging is also printed with Tencent's image logo. This deep binding cooperation is an important guarantee for network marketing to achieve better results. Strategic analysis: network marketing should vigorously tap the value of innovation. The power and weight of network marketing can not be ignored for a long time, which can be supported by direct data

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