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With the rapid development of the information industry, internetadvertising with the Internet as the media has become the most popular form of advertising in developed countries in Europe and the United States. Compared with the traditional four communication media (newspapers, magazines, television, radio) advertising and outdoor advertising, online advertising has unique advantages and is an important part of the implementation of modern marketing media strategy. There is no doubt that Internet advertising is guiding the new direction of Internet development

now more and more enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, find that online advertising is one of the best ways for enterprises to publicize. First of all, the scale of small and medium-sized enterprises is small, and the funds available for advertising and publicity are limited. Therefore, in traditional media, they can only do small advertisements or classified advertisements that are inconspicuous, and the effect is not easy to come out. With the rapid increase of the number of people on the Internet, the audience coverage is more and more comprehensive, and the influence of online advertising is also growing. On the other hand, with its diversified forms of expression and communication, online advertising can better meet the different needs of different enterprises

it is generally believed that online advertising has the following advantages:

people have high cultural quality and consumption level, which is very beneficial to enterprise publicity and sales

it spreads widely and is not restricted by region

the publishing cost is low, which is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises

low production cost, easy to update the layout

there are various forms, some of which are easy for people to accept (such as interactivity), and some of which are even free

it has fast propagation and update speed and strong real-time performance

intuitive and lifelike multimedia and hypertext formats enhance the expressiveness of online advertisements

it can accurately count the number of advertisements viewed and the number of link pages or stations viewed, which is helpful to evaluate the effect of advertisements

is hierarchical, and the levels are connected by links, and the amount of information can change from less to more


1 style

the style of online advertising is based on graphics, on which text, animation and sound information can be added. Using link technology, more information can be guided from the graphics of online advertisements, and the amount of information can be very large. On the other hand, due to the limitations of screen size and network transmission speed, the graphics of Web ads with page as the carrier are relatively small. Popular online advertising graphics include:

banner advertising banner

the most commonly used form of online advertising (Figure 1), which is suitable for pasting on the page. The popular standard Huai (width x height, pixels) is 468 × 60,392 × 72,234 × 60,120 × 240。 Among them, the latter is a longitudinal bar graph, and the others are banner graphs

icon advertising logo or button advertising button

corporate trademark, or other specific logo graphics. Popular standard (width x height, pixels): 120 × 90,120 × 60,125 × 125,88 × 31。

pop up window advertisement

an advertisement window that opens simultaneously when a user browses a station. Pop up advertising is a small window with only a border, but you can drag the border to expand the window. Pop up advertisements are usually advertisements of the visited station itself, which are used to temporarily release information

2 statistics

online advertisements can accurately count the number of times they are browsed or viewed, and even the number of times users are browsed. Therefore, the first case: after confirming that the installation levelness of the instrument meets the requirements of the regulations, first check whether the friction force of the working part is too large. If so, adjust the clearance of the guide wheel to eliminate the friction force, and clean the working oil cylinder if necessary. If there is still a positive difference after excluding the influence of the friction force, loosen the fastening screw of the connecting shaft sleeve between the swing rod and the push plate in the force measuring part (reading mechanism), adjust the push plate inward, and fix the solid screw, The small dial is verified step by step and repeated several times until it passes the verification. If the small dial is qualified, but the large and medium dial are still out of tolerance, the weight of B thallium and C thallium should be appropriately increased until it passes the verification. The charge of online advertising is often calculated, and the enterprise's evaluation of the audience size is based on the number of times the carrier page is viewed. Count type and related terms include:

comprehensive views pageviews: the total number of times the station has been viewed. The pages of some famous ISPs have pageviews of more than 1million times a day

advertisement viewing impressions: the cumulative number of times the carrier page of the advertisement is viewed

the statistics on the page counter are the impressions of the page

advertising viewersadviews: the number of times the carrier page of an advertisement is viewed in a unit time

visit: browse the page once

hit: the number of hits on the carrier page

clickthroughs: the number of clicks on the advertisement

clicksratio: if the page is viewed 10000 times and the advertisement is clicked 500 times, the click through rate is 5%. Click through rate can accurately reflect the effect of advertising, and it is also a sign of the attractiveness of advertising

single user uniqueusers: the number of visitors

number of visitors usersessions: number of visitors per unit time

two forms

1 publish advertisements on other people's stations

some stations with a large number of visitors are the best carrier for publishing online advertisements. Some of these pages belong to excellent ISP enterprises, such as Sina and Sohu; Some belong to large publishing units, such as people's daily and Beijing Youth Daily; Some belong to telecommunication enterprises, such as 163 and 263. These pages attract a large number of visitors with a large amount of readable information, many service items and authority, and the daily number of visitors is usually more than hundreds of thousands

there are also many forms of advertising on other people's pages, including:

banner advertising (header advertising), including rotation and buyout. The rotating banner advertisements are constantly changed in the form of animation, and multiple advertisements are displayed at the same time in one position. Buyout is fixed in an advertisement

logo advertising, taking the enterprise logo as the logo of the page. This form mostly comes from enterprises' participation in ISP operations, such as joint ventures or sponsorships

column advertising, enterprises participate in the connection of some category page columns

text ads, the specific content of the enterprise is as follows: the industry includes its own name in the connection of the page

micro site advertising, open up a small space on the page, dedicated to enterprise advertising

there are other forms of advertising on other people's pages, such as pop-up ads that open when the user opens the carrier page

3 E-mail advertisement

e-magazine (ezine or zine) is a general term, which refers to all kinds of new media that regularly provide information content to subscribers by using the powerful communication function of e-mail. It is generally free to subscribe, and the most common one is the so-called "mailinglist". With clear periodicity, pertinence and stronger service, it is especially suitable for contacting customers (and potential customers) and expanding the influence of the brand

use the registered mail user group on the mail server to send advertisements in the form of e-mail. Send advertisements directly to users. Email is often not popular with users, unless the content of the email is concerned or willing to receive. Typical e-mail advertisements are usually carried by e-mail magazines, and the cost of advertising is determined by the number of users. E-mail magazines are highly professional, so enterprises can choose audience groups. The clamping mode of directional fixture has developed from the original mechanical clamping to pneumatic clamping, hydraulic clamping and other directions, and the effect is outstanding

4 publish enterprise information at the information conference

this is a kind of publicity method with advertising significance but cannot be directly expressed in the form of advertising, because the traditional rule of information conference, whether BBS or group, is to prohibit advertising. Enterprises using this method often appear in the form of participating in public welfare undertakings, such as market research, economic phenomenon discussion, pre-sales and after-sales service and information consultation

5 network advertising organizations

in addition, enterprises can publish their advertisements through the advertising network of professional network advertising organizations. When enterprises join the advertising organization, they can use the fixed space of the member station to uniformly transmit advertising images through a separate server

an advertising network often has a large number of member sites, and the member business projects are relatively concentrated, which is conducive to the targeted expansion of the scope of advertising. Usually, advertising organizations share the revenue after sales with enterprises, and pay the stations that publish advertisements according to the number of displays or clicks. Advertising organizations can be directly responsible for the statistics of online advertising visits and clicks, and some can publish advertisements according to time periods

three free publicity and advertising

most of the resources of Internet are free, and free services seem to be the most important feature of Internet, so as to attract users and create profits from advertising. In ISP's information services, some projects themselves have the meaning of publicity and advertising, and these projects are free. ISP can survive by this, and enterprises can borrow it to save costs and have the best of both worlds. There are also many enterprise stations that have the best of both worlds. It is both beneficial and fair for everyone to exchange advertisements with each other

1. Register the enterprise station on the search engine

search engines generally provide two search methods, "classified search" and "keyword query". Classified search can find stations by topic classification. Classification usually includes: media, science and technology, social science, enterprise economy, etc. there are lower levels of classification under each classification, and the page registration items in the classification structure are usually more than 100000. For keyword query, search the page in the registration according to the keyword. If the user specifies, you can also search by the title, domain name, descriptive text, etc

in order to search enough stations, many ISPs receive users' page registrations for free. Therefore, enterprises can register their own pages in search engines for users to search for free, and guide users to enterprise stations through links

The key points of registration on the

page are:

abide by the registration rules, otherwise ISP will not accept registration

properly determine the "title" and "Keywords". Because "title" and "Keywords" are the key factors for search engines to find pages and attract users to browse pages. "Title" is the information title displayed after finding it. Because there are usually many results found, the introduction of an eye-catching "title" can attract users to browse the page. "Keyword" is the key to whether it can be easily found. It should be as popular as possible and use the most commonly used words of users

add stations to the appropriate classification and hierarchy

if it is an enterprise station, the official name of the enterprise must be filled in

enter the address (URL)

the text of the station profile is limited in length, generally within 100 words (Chinese characters). The enterprise must state the business items of the company and indicate the location of the company in the key words

if there is a problem with the above information, the ISP will modify the content appropriately or delete it

1sp will review the registration, list it in the database and notify the enterprise after confirmation

interestingly, ISP allows users to register pages that do not belong to users in the database, as long as the main registration information is unique. In addition, some ISPs allow enterprises to register in multiple categories, which can be achieved by multiple registrations. However, ISPs do not welcome such registration. However, if an enterprise has multiple domain names, it can always achieve multiple registrations

2. Exchange advertisements and join advertisement exchange

modern enterprises always establish enterprise stations and setting pages on Internet to establish their corporate image. In order to attract users to visit, enterprise stations can provide other information while promoting themselves, including advertisements of other enterprises. Therefore, relevant enterprises

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