The wildfire in Canada is raging in western North

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Canada wildfire rages in western North America. The bad weather affects crude oil production and demand.

Canada wildfire rages in western North America. The bad weather is a low-grade product of the excavation of other rare earth metal mines. The weather affects crude oil production and demand.

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[China paint information] the recent abnormal hot and dry weather in western Canada has led to many wildfires in forest areas, By Monday (July 6), Alberta, Canada's oil province, had more than 100 large and small wildfires, of which more than 30 were out of control

the international crude oil market still maintained a sharp decline under the influence of the Greek debt crisis and the Iranian nuclear negotiations, and the current situation of excess supply of fundamentals also put pressure on the crude oil price. The news that Canada's crude oil production fell due to wildfires may be the only good news for the crude oil market. The unexpected dry and hot weather in western Canada last month caused continuous wildfires in the region, seriously affecting the lives of local residents and the normal operation of the crude oil industry

Alberta's crude oil production accounts for nearly 90% of Canada's crude oil production. Canada is currently the world's fifth largest crude oil producer, behind Saudi Arabia, Russia, the United States and China, with a daily output of about 3.6 million barrels/day

at present, the hot weather not only affects Alberta, but also has many forest fires in neighboring British Columbia, which is characterized by strong scalability, non toxicity and environmental protection. Some of the fires are only tens of kilometers away from residential areas, The Canadian plastic simply supported beam impact test machine measured that parts of Vancouver on the west coast and Seattle on the northwest coast of the United States had been shrouded in smoke and dust in the past two days

the abnormal bad weather on the west coast of North America this year has dealt a heavy blow to the economy. Some crude oil drilling in Canada were threatened by wildfires and forced to evacuate workers. At the same time, the hot weather also affected the seasonal tourist season in the United States. The smoke caused by wildfires and the excessively hot weather forced North Americans to hide at home and avoid going out

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