The weakest spot of Guangsheng futures dragged dow

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Guangsheng Futures: the weakness of the spot dragged down the decline of Shanghai oil

NYMEX crude oil futures overnight. I can say negatively that the decline in retail data caused the market to worry about the continued economic recession. In addition, the rise of the US dollar also depressed the oil price. The crude oil futures in December of that night fell by about US $1.2 to US $57.04/barrel

the latest US retail sales data in October fell by 2.8%, leading to a decline in US stocks, which triggered the market's concern about the continued weakness of the economy

due to the rising demand for risk aversion, the US dollar rose against the Japanese yen and ruble, and the US dollar index remained strong

as of the week of November 11, CFTC announced a substantial increase in net short positions in crude oil futures, totaling 52984 hands, the highest since November 2005. Speculative funds actively increased their holdings, and oil prices still have the power to move

in addition, due to the weak impact of the previous OPEC production reduction on the market, the oil price continues to fall. OPEC plans to consider further production reduction at its December meeting. If OPEC increases its efforts to reduce production, it will bring some support to the crude oil market in the short term

at the end of Monday, the main engine was composed of two guide columns, two ball screws, an upper cross beam, a middle cross beam and a workbench, and the Shanghai oil and gas company ended down in shock. Fu0902 opened low in the morning and rebounded after opening low at the beginning of the session. However, it was under pressure near 2350 and failed to rise several times. At the end of the session, it closed down 25 points at 2339. The transaction shrank slightly and the position increased by 26026 hands

the Shanghai oil market ended down in a volatile manner today. Affected by the decline of crude oil and the weakness of domestic spot, the Shanghai oil market opened at a low price. However, the subsequent decline was slightly reduced, and the market area was extremely increased, which showed some support at 2300. Due to the volatility of futures prices, short-term technical indicators signals repeated rapidly. However, considering that the domestic spot is still very weak and the terminal demand is sluggish, it is expected that the Shanghai oil market will maintain a volatile downward trend

in terms of operation, keep the idea of short position operation

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