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How can led display enterprises "solve the problem"

Abstract: however, from the current overall situation, most screen enterprises in the LED display industry are still in the throes of "transformation and upgrading", and even many people feel that transformation is faster than death without transformation

2017 is not destined to be a quiet year for the LED display industry. From the rise in raw material prices in the beginning of the year, the intensification of production expansion by downstream large enterprises, to overcapacity, the price reduction of downstream leading enterprises, and so on, all kinds of deeds remind people of the "price rise wave" and "bankruptcy wave" that swept the industry at the end of last year, and also make the industry more jittery

entering the era of industry 4.0, China's manufacturing industry has seen a new economic environment, and the LED display industry has also seen new changes. With the gradual loss of cheap labor and cheap land resources, the current LED display enterprises need to break away from the competitive advantage of relying on human costs and low resources, and turn to the competition relying on quality upgrading and industrial optimization. At the same time, with the intensification of industry integration, the continuous upgrading of the terminal market and the gradual saturation of the traditional terminal market, some old ways taken by LED screen enterprises are no longer applicable, and screen enterprises have transformed for development China Xinda lays out the road of diversified products

in fact, whether it's a meeting of manufacturers, a meeting of dealers, or a gathering of friends in the industry, the most we talk about is transformation and change... But from the current overall situation, most screen enterprises in the LED display industry are still in the throes of "transformation and upgrading", and even many people feel that transformation is faster than death without transformation

is the above statement true? For many LED display manufacturers, why are they capricious on the road of transformation? What are the main problems in the transformation process

first of all, we need to be clear: transformation is a necessary way, not a "do it or not" choice question, but a must answer question. Similarly, the transformation process is doomed to be not smooth sailing, and the middle will be full of setbacks, twists and turns. For the phenomenon that "those who transform will die faster than those who do not", which is put forward by some manufacturers, the major events that avoid causing human deaths do exist differently for each baby, but it is only an example. There are still many representative screen enterprises with successful transformation in the industry. For example, several screen enterprises in the industry have successfully specialized in foreign trade in the past two years, and they have done well. Moreover, screen enterprises that have previously started cross-border development, "LED display +" are also gradually on the right track. Therefore, from the perspective of the whole industry, failures are only a few, and cannot be an excuse to hinder the development and progress of the industry. Transformation and upgrading are necessary

secondly, we should also note that blind transformation is not desirable. "Transformation" should find its own suitable oil pressure in the oil cylinder, rely on the hydraulic control one-way valve to maintain the road, and then carefully explore, take every step down-to-earth, not opportunistic, in order to have the possibility of success. For example, in the past two to three years, the transformation and reform of some manufacturers have encountered "half baked projects": some screen enterprises have said that they should abandon the traditional business model of "grabbing the market at a low price", do not engage in price wars, and do not follow the old path of plagiarism and product homogenization. However, in the actual implementation process, there is often a situation of "selling dog meat by hanging sheep's head", engaging in price wars and product plagiarism, flooding the terminal market with some low-quality products and overdrawing the trust of terminal customers. Changing this backward thinking is the prerequisite for the successful transformation of the industry

what is missing in the LED display industry? In fact, in any era, for LED display manufacturers, the essence of business has not changed, that is, to grasp the real demand and provide good products and services, so as to maintain the grasp of the true meaning of business in the era of rapid change. Users are actually very simple: first, there are good products, second, there are good brands, and third, there are good services. For manufacturers, it is not difficult to take the road of transformation as long as they fully grasp the changes in user needs and provide good products and services

but even so, it is not easy for many manufacturers. Because some of them are used to extensive management, are used to making money while lying in bed, and are more used to sitting at home waiting for customers to come. This era has long ended. In the transformation process of LED display enterprises, only with the participation of "real knife, real grab" and "real gold and silver", and at the same time, calm thinking, according to their actual situation, find the most suitable way of transformation, change traditional thinking, re adapt to this new economic era, and face up to the cruelty and ruthlessness of the market, can they hand in a good report card in this transformation "big examination"

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