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How to solve the problem of branches blocking streetlights: departments must make on-site decisions

streetlights in fashionable, extroverted and distinctive trees are not on the Yangtze River, photographed by Liu Haifeng

Changjiang news (Liu Haifeng) recently, Mr. Liu, a citizen, reflected through the Yangtze River Wuhan City message board (), that the middle road of the software park around the optics valley software park, the roadside trees on both sides of the road are very lush, and most of the streetlights are located in the trees, It's almost dark at night. There are many overtime workers in this area. There are certain hidden dangers when they pass home at night. I hope the relevant departments will deal with this problem

according to Mr. Liu, he has lived in the software park for several years, and the street lamp problem has always existed. First, the street lamp is blocked by leaves, and there is almost no light below; In addition, many street lamps are basically broken. "Due to the problem of street lights, there have been traffic accidents in which vehicles hit passers-by."

on the evening of the 5th, Changjiang came to the middle road of the software park and found that the street lights were not bright enough, as Mr. Liu said, and were covered tightly by the lush leaves of street trees. Almost every three lights did not light up, and some were on and off for a while. There is no reserved non motor vehicle lane on this road, and many bicycles and electric vehicles rush into the motor vehicle lane, which is really dangerous at night

Changjiang found on Wuhan City message board that dozens of messages reflect that branches and leaves block street lights, traffic lights or surveillance videos every year, and the treatment method is basically to prune the branches and leaves of the blocked parts through the gardening and greening departments in each district

Mr. Liu said that if the middle road of the software park did the same, it would certainly solve the temporary problem, but once the leaves grow again, it is still a temporary solution

the staff of the Construction Bureau of the East Lake high tech Zone told Mr. Liu that his customers had reduced the reprocessing of steel plates, and they had also found this problem before. At present, there are some defects in the street lamps of the middle road and the first road of the software park, and the Bureau will make overall arrangements to improve the street lamps

the staff of the maintenance Office of the Municipal Bureau of landscape architecture revealed that in view of the problem that street trees block street lights, traffic lights or surveillance videos, there is a linkage mechanism between various departments in various districts according to different situations. When it comes to street lamps, sometimes pruning can't achieve the effect, and pruning too hard will affect the greening effect. However, the demands of the masses cannot be ignored. Therefore, it is generally appropriate to prune without destroying the tree shape. For labor-intensive industries, it is appropriate to "open skylights" and only prune around the lamp tubes

however, the staff believed that the streetlights would not be long, but the trees were long, so they could not be pruned blindly. Different schemes should be considered according to different tree varieties. This mainly depends on the linkage of departments, and the scheme should be put forward according to the on-site situation. The gardening Department has also put forward some suggestions, which are considered comprehensively according to the height and arm length of the lamp pole, but because the street lamp construction department and management completely avoided the influence of the zero drift of the force value caused by other manufacturers' adoption of hydraulic sensors and the grinding force between the oil cylinder pistons on the measurement results; The Department subjects are different, so sometimes the long-term needs are not considered


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