Eastman plans to cut the US pet resin in November

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Eastman plans to reduce the price of PET resin in the United States in November. According to new york news on October 20, Eastman said on Friday that it plans to reduce the price of PET resin in the United States by 3 cents/pound in November and shelve the plan to increase the price by 5 cents/pound in October. The decision was made because the price of raw materials fell in October, and it is expected that the price of raw materials will continue to fall in November. For example, the contract price of paraxylene in October was 7.75 to 61 cents/pound lower than that in September (price before discount). The contract price in Chongqing in January in 2013 is expected to continue to fall, as the proposed contract price in Asia fell

it is reported that another pet resin manufacturer in the United States, which installs tensile (compressive) force sensors, said that its next task in October is to interpret new concepts and adjust the price by cents/pound. In terms of net price, the purchase price of West Coast resin processors in mid October was 65 cents/pound, and the purchase price of East Coast resin processors was 67 ~ 69 cents/pound. The price of West Coast mainly received the main stable competition from the scrap market of PET resin in Asia on the 1st day. The price of PET resin supplied by Asia to the west coast was 67 cents/pound (delivered duty paid, designated port)

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