Eastman introduces an embrace shrink film

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Eastman introduced an embrace shrink film

Eastman introduced an embrace shrink film with a shrinkage rate of up to 80%, which can closely fit the surface of various containers. The film adopts winding design and has extremely high printing resolution, which can effectively express the brand image

adopt embrace shrink film equivalent to 6million tons of oil consumption, which can design packaging bottles with novel shapes, adopt eye-catching colors, and realize 360 ° label design. In short, the application and trend of flame-retardant PP materials in the home appliance industry. In other words, the friction force is detected by the pressure sensor and eventually transmitted to the computer for data processing and drawing the friction coefficient curve. Various materials can be flexibly used to give full play to creativity and imagination

embrace's application fields include:

* sports drinks

* dairy drinks and liquid milk

* fruit juice drinks

* carbonated beverages

* adult drinks

* bottled water

* frozen sweets

* cheese, yogurt and yogurt products

* packaged food and condiments

* drugs and vitamins

* cosmetics and personal care products

* baby food

* automobile

* lawns and gardens

LUSHIHAO, the Asia Pacific Business Manager of the company's chemical specialty plastics, said that from the perspective of environmental protection, embrace shrink film can be used as a substitute for PVC. The shrink film has the characteristics of good gloss and high strength, which can redefine the beverage brand when used. Its luster and contractibility can make the packaging pattern on bottled drinks more vivid and highlight the image on supermarket shelves

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