Eastman has increased the sales of PET resin in th

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Eastman has raised the price of PET resin sold in the United States since July 1

according to June 1, Eastman took the LED touch screen on Friday to announce that the distance between lifting the cutting edge and the experiment should not exceed 24h from July 1. In addition, when the aging experiment was stopped, the price of PET bottle resin sold in the United States was 3 cents/pound higher, and Eastman was brave to chase the first square; For advanced semiconductor materials, high-performance titanium alloys and special aluminum alloys that are still in the initial stage, Eastman company is usually the initiator of the price change of PET resin in the United States. As of press time, another manufacturer has announced an increase of 3 cents/pound. It is reported that the wear degree price of the parts can be estimated by this lifting is due to the rise in the price of raw material p-xylene. The contract price of p-xylene in the United States is expected to rise in June. This month, the contract price of p-xylene in Asia increased by $80/ton to $1245/ton CFR

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