Eastman transfers technology in North America

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Eastman transferred technology in North America. Voridian, a branch of Eastman Chemical Company, announced on March 11 that the company had concluded a clear agreement to license patented low density polyethylene (LDPE) technology know-how to a leading manufacturer of specialty polymers in North America. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed

Thomas ith, vice president of polymer Business Department of voridian company, said, "this license combines the LDPE expertise and technical know-how developed by our company during the successful operation of Longview plant in Texas for almost half a century. It shows that we have the ability to produce high-quality products safely and with high yield."

the agreement focuses on the process technology of LDPE Production, involving better mixing in the reactor, thereby improving the reliability of the equipment and generating other benefits. This and other relevant applicable technologies produced by LDPE can be provided from the license of voridi fan blade industry, which consumes more than 1million tons of composite material an every year. Dr. Greg lson, vice president of voridian technology, said, "we believe that our technological contribution can enable some old production devices to improve product production capacity, production efficiency and device safety."

voridian produces and sells polyethylene terephthalate plastic, acetate fiber and polyethylene resin. Its headquarters are in Kingsport, Tennessee. The company operates eight production facilities in six countries, with a total of 34 employees due to intense debate with Israeli President Peres on the Gaza issue

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