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Easy opening test of bag and bottle packaging

Abstract: easy opening is an additional function of small packaging that can win the favor of consumers. This paper analyzes in detail several indicators that need to be tested in order to obtain easy opening of bag and bottle packaging

key words: packaging bags, packaging bottles, easy to open, heat sealing, torque

1, the importance of easy to open

easy to open packaging is one of the packaging additional functions that gradually become prominent with the intensification of market competition. How to better provide consumers with the oxygen index value of the new national standard flame retardant B1 level must be oi 30%. Thoughtful service has long been concerned by various manufacturers. For some fields (such as daily chemical products), more and more attention has been paid by government departments. The basic performance difference of various brand products is very small. It has become more and more difficult to compete in the market simply by relying on the performance of the product itself. Additional means such as adding practicality to the product have become an effective competitive tool

the emergence of small packaging is the result of market demand. It can provide consumers with simple, easy to carry and moderate weight goods. Compared with large packaging with large volume, heavy weight, difficult to carry and large weight, it is more suitable for tourism, catering and other low consumption environments. For small packaging, easy opening and sealing are its two prominent characteristics. Easy opening is a magic weapon for small packaging to win the favor of consumers

bag packaging and bottle packaging are the two most common forms of packaging, which are widely used in many fields of daily life, such as food packaging, drug packaging, h-chemical products packaging, etc

2. Analysis of the ease of opening of bag packaging

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bag packaging in the form of small packaging has certain requirements for ease of opening, such as small amount packaging of facial tissue paper, food and granules, puffed food (bag) packaging, instant noodles (bag) packaging, and various daily chemical products packaging, etc. It can be opened according to the easy opening provided at the edge of the packaging bag (generally at the heat seal), or stripped from the heat seal at one end of the packaging bag, or opened with scissors and other tools. Obviously, for small packages, it is ideal to easily open the package without the help of additional tools, which can maximize the convenience of carrying and ready to use characteristics of small packages

2.1 easy opening at the heat seal

easy opening provided according to the edge of the packaging bag is the most convenient opening method, and triangular easy opening is the most common. This method has small opening force and short opening time. It is conceivable that if the opening from the easy opening of the packaging bag can not achieve the ideal opening effect, it will have a great impact on the image of a brand. Therefore, when designing the packaging bag, it is necessary to detect the tearing degree and surface friction coefficient of the packaging material to ensure the opening effect when opening from the easy opening. Tearing degree is the main index related to whether the package is easy to open, and whether the friction coefficient is reasonable is the main influencing factor that restricts whether the material surface can be held by consumers in the process of tearing materials. The tearing force of packaging materials directly represents the force required by consumers to open the packaging. Generally, this value should be appropriately selected so that consumers can open the packaging bag with how much force. Because the clamping force provided to the material during the tear test is large enough, so that the "slipping" phenomenon of the material will not occur in the test. However, when consumers actually open the packaging bag, if the friction force on the surface of the material does not match the tearing force of the material well, it is also common that the opening slipping phenomenon will occur when the grip force is large enough, which will lead to the difficulty of opening. In the design of packaging materials, it is necessary to integrate these two indicators of packaging materials (2) through technological innovation and technological improvement, and carry out simulation tests under various grip conditions

2.2 peel off the heat seal at one end of the packaging bag

peeling off the heat seal at one end of the packaging bag is also a common opening method. The primary requirement for the heat seal is good sealing, because the seal is the place where non merits and demerits are most likely to leak. Common heat sealing methods include heat sealing rod sealing and electric sealing. Different packages have different sealing methods. Here, the opening at the heat sealing end refers to an opening method of the heat sealing end sealed with a heat sealing rod. The use of easy opening materials can achieve a relatively ideal opening effect. For example, easy opening materials are commonly used in chocolate packaging now

easy to open film is a kind of heat sealing film, which generally adopts multi-layer composite structure. After the film is heat sealed, the seal has good sealing performance, which can effectively prevent the leakage of contents and the pollution of contents by external substances during the storage and transportation of goods. When the goods need to be taken out, the seal can be easily stripped away. The selection of the heat sealing layer of the easy opening film is very important for the performance of the easy opening film. Special adhesives or special formulas can be used. In order to ensure the convenience of opening at the heat sealing end, the heat sealing strength of the material should be controlled within a certain range, and the surface friction performance of the packaging material should also be considered

3. Analysis of the ease of opening of bottle packaging

bottle packaging is widely used in beverage packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetics packaging, etc. its packaging materials are mainly divided into three categories: paper plastic composite materials, plastics, glass. According to the different sealing methods, it can be divided into two ways: bottle cap sealing and heat sealing. Correspondingly, the opening methods mainly include opening the bottle cap and opening from the heat sealing place of the container mouth

3.1 open the cap

the cap sealed packaging bottle needs to open the cap to achieve the purpose of opening the package. Whether the bottle cap is easy to open can directly affect consumers' confidence in a brand and have an impact on consumers're purchase. Especially for leisure drinks, if the opening force is too large, it will not conform to its leisure style. At present, the opening of small packaging containers mainly relies on manpower, so the control of opening strength is more important. The indicator that characterizes the opening force of the bottle cap is torque. Too much torque will bring great difficulties to the opening and locking of the bottle cap, and too little torque will affect the transportation, display and protection of the contents of the product. As the same as detecting the tearing force of the packaging bag, when detecting the opening and locking force of the bottle cap, the detection equipment also provides sufficient clamping force for the bottle body to ensure that it does not slip, so the surface friction performance of the container and the opening force of the bottle cap should be comprehensively considered in the design

3, 2 open at the heat seal of the container opening

. The heat sealed packaging bottle is often used for the packaging of coffee, jelly and instant noodles. The main opening method of this kind of packaging is to open from the seal. Since the use of other opening methods may have a certain impact on the use process of the contents of heat sealed packaging containers, the application of easy opening materials on such packaging containers is very extensive. Similar to the opening of the heat seal of the packaging bag, the design should comprehensively consider the heat seal strength between the material and the container, the friction coefficient of the material and the friction coefficient of the container wall, and simulate the tests under various grip forces

4. Summary

the ease of opening of packaging can be comprehensively considered through the testing of tear performance, friction performance, heat sealing performance and torque force. Of course, some information about the sales target must be included in the design. If the designed package is used for children, the size, shape, capacity, opening force and relevant structure of the handle need to be calculated according to the strength meter of children, so that children can use the package effectively

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