Eastman expands its plasticizer production capacit

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Eastman expands its plasticizer production capacity in the United States

Eastman spokesman recently said that the company plans to further expand its plasticizer production capacity in Texas. It is expected that after the expansion project of the plant is completed, Eastman 168 has no phthalates, and the increase is fast. Research on building a recycling system for power batteries of new energy vehicles plasticizer "we must improve the performance, and the overall output is expected to increase by 15%.

Jon woods, manager of Eastman plasticizer business department, said: "This expansion will involve the distribution of the company's existing working capital. Therefore, before the formal ground breaking, the company will make reasonable planning, strive to achieve the best effect with the least investment and maximize capital."

jon woods also pointed out that the plasticizer expansion project helps to improve the production capacity of Eastman's overall plasticizer insulating electrical casing and accessories JG 3050 ⑴ 998 for construction, so as to seize more market share. This is in line with the market outlook made by the company after the acquisition of the Texas plasticizer production plant in 2011

in recent years, with the continuous expansion of the scope of terminal applications, the global market demand for phthalate free plasticizers has increased year by year. In order to better meet the market demand of North America and Europe and consolidate its leading position in global plasticizers, Eastman's capacity expansion is imperative

it is reported that phthalate free plasticizers play an important role in enhancing the flexibility of PVC. The plasticizer has a wide application prospect in toy production, food preservation, medical equipment manufacturing and other fields

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