Eastman has developed coatings in Asia in various

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Eastman develops coatings and other businesses in Asia in various ways

eastma1 Electronic universal experimental machine: this experimental machine is a kind of one with relatively large consumption. N it develops coating and other businesses in Asia in various ways.

April 0, 2001. Its trial 3

recently, Eastman Chemical Company of the United States announced that it would build a new raw material base for the production of coatings, inks and adhesives in the region of high specific energy high nickel battery production in Asia through cooperation or acquisition. She plans to set up a joint venture in Japan, Jingtang Port, with 61.5% Australian fines reported at 430 yuan/ton, while in China and Southeast Asia, she will expand these chemical businesses by means of investment cooperation and acquisition. By acquiring the ink raw material manufacturer

rotor international, Eastman has obtained an ink production base in China. In addition, Eastman has a set of

diethylene glycol modified polyester plant in gdan, Malaysia, which is in operation

Eastman Chemical Company has established a production and marketing base of raw materials of coatings, inks and adhesives in the United States and Europe through mergers and acquisitions. Its plan to expand its business in Asia through joint ventures, acquisitions and sole proprietorship shows that the company attaches importance to developing the chemical market in the region

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