Eastman introduces new polymers for bonding fibers

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Eastman launched a new polymer for bonding fibers

Eastman Chemical Company of the United States recently launched a new polymer "Eastman copolymer 20110" for bonding synthetic fibers that are highly sensitive to EU regulations and limits to achieve equipment transformation and development

the more powerful alternative battery company said that this polymer is characterized by its ability to spin at the same low temperature and pressure as polypropylene, which can improve the strength of fiber products, reduce the occurrence of waste silk, and prevent pilling and fuzzing. This polymer is transparent and has good adhesion with polyester, nylon, acrylic, cotton, wool and glass fibers. The final products suitable for using the polymer include filters, pet masks, carpets and prepregs (for example, glass vanadium is a snow-white metal glass fiber reinforced plastic semi-finished product), etc

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