Three rules for adding lubricating oil

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Three rules for adding lubricating oil

automotive lubricating oil is the blood that maintains the life of the engine. It helps to cool, lubricate and clean engine components

determine the oil change cycle according to the road conditions

it is often said that the car should change the lubricating oil regularly. But how often is it a regular change? Basically, there will be clear prompts in the car's manual. The past standard was to change the lubricating oil every 5000 kilometers. In recent years, the manufacturing standards of automobile and lubricating oil have been constantly raised, and our calibration personnel of these key parts have little understanding of adding an increment. Now the equipment has begun to do some single machine test runs, and the time for regular maintenance and replacement of lubricating oil. Therefore, the application of this matter to electronic universal testing machine has also been extended. If synthetic lubricating oil, such as great wall century star, is used, the lubricating oil can be changed every 10000 kilometers under normal driving conditions

general driving refers to driving often on the highway and rarely stopping. If it is a consumable driving under urban road conditions, often in traffic jams, and the distance each time is rarely more than a dozen kilometers, it is necessary to appropriately shorten the oil change cycle

in the case of consumptive driving, the engine is worn more, and the requirements for lubricating oil are relatively high. It is recommended to shorten the interval of lubricating oil replacement in order to effectively protect the engine. It is difficult for us to judge whether the lubricating oil should be replaced by naked eyes or touch, but after long-term use, a large number of impurities will accumulate in the lubricating oil. If the new oil is not replaced in time, these impurities will wear the engine and shorten the service life of the car

pay attention to four factors when purchasing lubricating oil

high quality lubricating oil can make the car more durable. In particular, fully synthetic lubricants can not only protect the engine and reduce the number of oil changes, but also save gasoline costs. Although the price of synthetic oil is only different from that of ordinary oil in some functions and the way of displaying data, it is twice as expensive as ordinary oil, but it is still the best choice for many car owners

1. The selection of lubricating oil should be based on the requirements of the engine. It is not necessary to use high-grade lubricating oil on low-grade engines, nor can low-grade lubricating oil be used on engines with higher requirements

2. Try to choose multi-level oil. Multistage oil has a good protective effect on the engine. Based on the characteristics of multi-level oil, there may be premature blackening and the lubricating oil pressure is smaller than that of ordinary lubricating oil in the process of use, which are normal

3. There is no need to blindly worship foreign countries. Some domestic famous brand lubricants are of good quality, such as century star, jinfuxing and JINJIXING of Great Wall company, and their prices are much lower than those of imported similar products

4. When selecting lubricating oil, pay attention to viscosity as much as possible. If the engine is in good condition and the ambient temperature is low, the lubricating oil with low viscosity should be used as much as possible to maintain the lubrication efficiency. For example, in high temperature seasons or under the condition of serious engine wear, the selection of high viscosity lubricating oil is conducive to the formation of oil film and reduce engine wear

the amount of lubricating oil is lower than the upper limit of the dipstick

adding too much lubricating oil will increase the rotational resistance of the crankshaft, reduce the output power of the engine, and the excessive lubricating oil will rush into the combustion chamber to participate in combustion, causing the vehicle to burn lubricating oil, emit blue smoke, and increase fuel consumption

the main component of the residue after the combustion of lubricating oil is carbon, which is very hard. If lubricating oil is often involved in combustion, causing carbon to accumulate on the combustion chamber wall and reducing the combustion chamber space, it will reduce the compression ratio of the engine, accelerate the wear of cylinders and pistons, and shorten the service life of the vehicle

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