Easymo, a new member of the most popular Rui Qinen

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A new member of the Ritchie capacitive sensor family easymount was born

another new member of the Ritchie capacitive sensor family was born easymount; This series of sensors provide users with diversified choices and obvious advantages. It is very small, with a diameter of only 30 mm. The detection distance is automatically adjusted by magnetic force (the magnet is provided with the sensor). Teach in is the easyteach concept of Rechner. This means that all you have to do is keep the magnet close to the sensor, wait for the ideal conditions and move the magnet, that's all

none of the sensors has been monopolized by international giants such as Henkel AG of Germany, grivoryht2vs-hh of Dow Corning of the United States at 230 ℃ to 250 ℃, and 3M of the United States for a long time. Its circuit part is encapsulated in polyamide at one time, so they are super waterproof (IP68)

from the literal meaning of easymount, we can see that this sensor is very easy to install. The simplest fixing method is to use a cable tie to fix it through the binding groove reserved by the sensor. Different installation methods also 3. The machine equipment cannot be placed near the high temperature or the sun. Click the "add to the header" button to expose it. You can choose from various installation brackets we provide. The working voltage of easymount series sensors is 1035 VDC, NPN or PNP normally open or normally closed output

for users who like remote adjustment, easymount series can also provide you with sensors adjusted by debugging lines

the easymount series capacitive sensor provided by rich can be used for liquid level or bulk material limit control, which is really simple and easy to implement

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