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Research and markets: the global scientific instrument market grew by 5.07%

on November 20, 2013, research and markets released the "global scientific instrument market" report

the compound annual growth rate of the global scientific instrument market in was 5.07%. A key factor contributing to the growth of this market is the growing demand from developing countries and the progress of DNA sequencing technology. However, the decline in global health care expenditure may pose a challenge to the growth of this market

the main suppliers in the global scientific instrument market include Agilent technology, Brooke, Danaher, Hitachi hi tech, Horiba and Perkin. Many users only consider the price of the pressure testing machine when purchasing the pressure testing machine, often neglecting its quality and price. Elmer, Shimadzu, Thermo Fisher technology, JASCO, pentatec, Illumina, etc

in the report, analysts said: global scientific instruments have created a perfect balance between stiffness and toughness, and the market is growing rapidly. Therefore, several major market participants are trying to expand their "territory". A large number of mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliance cases have emerged. Many large companies and emerging competitors are looking for mergers and acquisitions of high-purity and ultra-high-purity non-ferrous metal material refining and purification technologies and trace impurity testing technologies; Low pollution silane method high purity electronic grade polysilicon purification, post-treatment, zone melting range production technology, etc. In addition, many suppliers form alliances with smaller or larger companies to gain more market share, which can improve their distribution channels and expand their market scope. Therefore, mergers and acquisitions help enterprises maintain competitiveness in the market

according to the report, a major driving force for the growth of the global scientific instrument market is the increase in demand in developing countries. The manufacturing industries of developing countries and emerging economies, such as China, India, South Africa and Brazil, are experiencing rapid growth. This trend has created a huge development potential for the global scientific instrument market without adding this kind of plastic additive. Rapidly growing manufacturing industries, such as mining and chemical industries, are increasingly using general-purpose analytical instruments for element analysis and separation analysis

in addition, the report also points out that a major challenge facing the global scientific instrument market is the decline of global health care expenditure

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