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Sales manager management manual

(I) contents of sales policy

1 Sales policy refers to the sales manager's policy on promotion and operation within his own business scope

2. The sales policy is divided into long-term policy (3-5 years) and short-term policy (within 1 year); What the sales manager decides is a short-term policy

3. The establishment of the sales policy shall be based on the business purpose of the company

(II) how to formulate sales policies

1 Define the business objectives of the company and the policies of the chairman and his immediate superior, and formulate appropriate sales policies based on this

2. The sales department must formulate policies for all aspects of problems (such as market development, profit improvement, advertising, recycling management, etc.)

3. Set the sales policy in line with the operation priorities of the year and the company's business policy

(III) implementation of sales policy

1 In addition to oral statements or instructions, documents should also be issued to ensure that the policy can be correctly and thoroughly implemented

2. Try to avoid "situations where you (your boss) think that the relevant personnel (subordinates and others) have understood, but in fact do not fully understand"

3. After the sales policy is published, it still needs to be explained repeatedly

key points of sales plan

(I) contents of sales plan

1 The sales plan drawn up by the sales manager cannot only include the budget value with sales as the main body and the implementation steps of the plan

2. It shall include the broad plan of sales organization, goods, consumers, selling price, sales method, promotion (including advertising and publicity, sales budget, etc.)

(II) precautions when preparing the sales plan the warranty period of Jinan Ruima electronic universal testing machine is two years, i.e. from the date of acceptance

1 Work out the plan in accordance with the proposed sales policies and guidelines

2. When drawing up a sales plan, you should not only focus on specific departments (or people)

3. The sales plan must be formulated with the manager as the center and the participation of all sales personnel as the principle

4. Do not follow the previous plan or make an inertia plan. We must combine new plans and set new goals for our efforts

(III) implementation and management of sales plan

1 The manager must take full responsibility for the thorough implementation of the sales plan

2. After the plan is drawn up, it must be implemented and the objectives must be achieved before the plan is meaningful. Therefore, the implementation and management of the sales plan must be thorough

3. The plan should not be revised at will, unless the situation changes or the goal cannot be achieved after all efforts are made

key operating points of the internal organization of the sales department

(I) sales organization and business efficiency

1 In the sales department, (a) the relationship between the organization and the sales personnel, (b) the organizational structure is closely related to business efficiency and sales

2. Sales managers should always pay attention to the organizational form and efficient operation of their departments

3. The research of organization management should not be neglected

(II) key points of organization and operation

1 The sales team is led by a famous research expert in the field of advanced new materials research in China - Jian Xi senior Academy of engineering of the Chinese Academy of engineering. The most important thing is the practice of the sales manager, especially the leadership of the sales manager

2. For salesmen, team spirit should be trained

3. In the sales organization, pay special attention to? Sales allocation and allocation? Mission, reporting system? And authority

(III) revision of organizations within authority

1 The outline of the sales organization shall be decided by the board of directors or the chairman of the board of directors; The details are the responsibility of the sales manager

2. Within the authority of the sales manager, the organization shall be modified according to the changes of the environment to make it adaptive; The rationalization of the organization should also be carried out immediately

precautions for sales channel policy

(I) according to the actual situation of the company

1 We should have an objective understanding of the industry and our company's position in the industry, commodities, capital, geographical conditions, etc., so as to adopt appropriate sales channel policies

2. Independent systematization? Participate in the series of other companies (or large companies). No matter which policy is adopted, we should fully study the relationship between gain and loss

(II) efficiency should be the standard

1 Don't use past friendship, personal relationship, the accidental intention of your boss, or follow the example of other companies to determine the sales channel

2. Do not judge only by the opinions or criticisms of responsible salesmen or customers (agents or consumers); Sales channels must be determined according to objective and specific market research

3. Inefficient sales channels should be decisively abolished and new ones re established. In this regard, the manager of the sales department must speak to his superiors

4. Particular care must be taken in setting the terms of the transaction and the contract. Everything must be in writing

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(III) seeking and trying out new sales channels

and continuously improving product performance and quality. 1 Sales managers must investigate and try to plan more efficient sales channels

2. It is impossible to know the exact effect on paper. Therefore, we should try it out first within the scope of low risk

precautions for Market Research

(I) the plan and strategy must be detailed

1 Regardless of the purpose and scale of the investigation, the implementation method must have a detailed plan

2. Try to complete the survey with the least cost, time and number of people

3. During the preparatory investigation or formal investigation, if it is found that there is no need to continue the investigation, the investigation shall be stopped immediately and shall not be delayed because of face

4. Try to make use of existing data and field survey data

(II) effective application of survey results

1 The contents of the investigation must be sorted out and the date of submission of the report must be strictly observed

2. The person in charge of the investigation shall enable the results of the investigation to be effectively applied

3. The investigation results should be used as much as possible and should not be negated or ignored

(III) specialized agencies outside the company are responsible for investigating

1 Don't believe what the other party says easily and completely. You must first investigate the ability, performance, credit and other issues of the institution; The sales manager in charge of market research should investigate in person

2. The discussion before investigation should be fully coordinated

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